Teenagehood is this time in life when we’re between a child and an adult. There are so many changes happening all at once that feeling lost and overwhelmed can easily happen.

I am here to help teenagers to find the right path for them and stay the course towards strong confidence and success.

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Parents come to me when their teen:

  • Talk negatively about themselves
  • Have difficulties making/keeping friends
  • Fall victim to bullies
  • Are self-conscious about their physical appearance
  • Lack motivation
  • Feel overwhelmed by school

The Coaching will Help Them

Become more Positive

Realise they’re capable of doing more than they used to give themselves credit for. They will have tools to deal with anxiety and become more positive. They will smile, laugh and be better able to deal with setbacks. They will know how to deal with their inner critic as well as coping strategies to overcome difficult times. They will have more energy and will start taking initiatives.

Discover Their Uniqueness

They will know how to reach their goal and achieve their full potential. They will build resilience, appreciate their talent and what makes them unique. They will know their worth and be able to do something from start to finish without needing to be led.

Express Themselves

They will find their strength and not be afraid to express themselves anymore. They will have the ability to make decisions and express their opinion.  They will know how to speak with ease, speak up in class and give presentations with confidence. 

Build Meaningful Friendship

They will know how to stand up for themselves and not fall victim to bullies by building healthy boundaries. They will become more confident and comfortable in social situations. They will know how to make friends and build meaningful friendships

My program focuses on

📌 Inner Dialogue

📌 Emotional Intelligence

📌 Friendship and Boundaries

📌 Goal Settings

📌 Positive thinking 


Karina Taoughlist Teen Coach

Meet Karina

Karina Taoughlist is the founder and owner of KT Confidence Coaching. She is an accredited life coach specialised in confidence building for teenagers.

She holds a diploma in Life and Executive Coaching as well as a QQI Level 6 in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics. She has more than 15 years experience working with teenagers.

Most of us can easily remember how challenging a time teenagehood was. We could have done with a little help from a coach. This is what Karina Taoughlist is offering. A warm and judgement-free environment for your teen to get the support they need.

Receiving coaching from Karina will help them increase their confidence and resilience at home and in school. She teaches them coping mechanisms to deal with stress and anxiety and  improve their organisation and motivation.  This, in turn,  benefits the whole family dynamics.

Do you want to learn more how she can help your teen grow stronger and more resilient? 

Here's How the Program Works

  • 12 coaching sessions (during the course of 3 months)
  • Personalised coaching program (specially tailored for your teen’s need)
  • Shared Google Drive folder (to keep track of the work and progress done)
  • Unlimited WhatsApp support in between sessions (for both the parents & the teens)

Benefits for your Teen

✅  Personal approach

✅  Unlimmited support

✅  Non-judgmental environment

✅  Someone here to listen and guide them

✅  Lifetime change for the better


“Karina helped me gain more confidence and be able to open the dialogue with my parents about difficult conversations. She helped me to be more positive about myself and stop talking myself down. I now accept myself more.”

Orla - 19

“Karina helped me get through my mock exams and get out of my slump. I actively improved the things was not happy with like my studying and fitness. My favourite part was using the Success Bank every time I achieved something.”

Kate - 15

“Karina helped me really improve my study skills. She taught me a lot of new ways I could study and do it more efficiently. I hope these skills will help contribute to my success late in life.”

Milosz - 18

“After working with Karina, I have gained confidence and I’m doing better than before. I really enjoyed my weekly chats with her.”

Erin - 12

“I loved talking with Karina and feeling more confident after each session. I now manage to deal better with my negative emotions and most importantly it’s easy for me to make new friends. This made me more appreciative of what I have. I know things are not as bad as they seem and will get better.”

Danny - 19

“Working with Karina helped me understand better my emotions and improved how I communicate with my parents. I really enjoyed my chats with Karina and it helped me become more open to talking with others. Now I try and find happiness all around me.”

Ava - 14

“Karina was very helpful getting me organised in the morning and with my personal care and she helped me greatly during my junior cert exams. I would really recommend Karina.”

Garreth - 15

“I recently completed my coaching process with Karina and I can’t thank her enough for all her help. Now, when I make a mistake, I don’t tear myself down anymore. I’m more friendly and speak with people easily. I know to ask for help when I need it. I’ve developed healthy habits. I now believe I’m capable of accomplishing things. When I feel down, I know the sun is gonna shine again.”

Lorna - 17

“I loved being able to access online in my own comfort and space.  I also liked Karina’s sensitive manner and humour also. I enjoyed the fact that I was able to approach my mother more about my own needs and what I needed from her.”

Matilda - 14

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The service comes to the following price…

€1000 or 3X €350

12 coaching sessions

Personalised coaching program

Shared Google Drive folder

Unlimited WhatsApp support

Non-judgmental environment

Lifetime change for the better

KT Confidence Coaching