What my wonderful clients say about me...

"I loved talking with Karina and feeling more confident after each session. I now manage to deal better with my negative emotions and most importantly it's easy for me to make new friends. This made me more appreciative of what I have. I know things are not as bad as they seem and will get better."
"Karina was very helpful getting me organised in the morning and with my personal care and she helped me greatly during my junior cert exams. I would really recommend Karina."
"I recently completed my coaching process with Karina and I can't thank her enough for all her help. Now, when I make a mistake, I don't tear myself down anymore. I'm more friendly and speak with people easily. I know to ask for help when I need it. I've developed healthy habits. I now believe I'm capable of accomplishing things. When I feel down, I know the sun is gonna shine again."
Karina joined the RSVP (Red Sandstone Varied Productions) for behind the scenes mentoring at McCarthy's Community Talent Competition, and was a fabulous addition to the team. She offered a workshop, and then followed up with one to one sessions where called for. The feedback from the young people on this new element of the competition preparation and rehearsals at boot camp was extremely positive, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to recommend Karina's services to others.
Teen Talent Show Organiser
"Karina is an amazing life coach! With so much experience to offer parents , adults and children! I have seen first hand the positive results experienced by her sessions! I would highly recommend her especially with self confidence and self esteem issues! "
"Working with Karina helped me understand better my emotions and improved how I communicate with my parents. I really enjoyed my chats with Karina and it helped me become more open to talking with others. Now I try and find happiness all around me."
"My son Garreth had been with Karina for a year . He is on the autism spectrum and I can see a difference in him. He seems more mature. I never knew what they discussed but Garreth was happy and that’s all that mattered. I would recommend any parent considering getting life coaching for their child to do it. Especially parents who have kids on the Autism spectrum you have nothing to lose. Karina connected with Garreth, as I previously said I didn’t know what they said to each other but I felt Garreth was safe with Karina. I also know that if I ever wanted to talk to Karina myself she was there for me too. Karina will always put your child needs first . She is a very caring person and even though our time with her has ended I know she will be there if we ever need her. I personally feel I have made a friend. I would recommend Karina . I wish you all the best Karina."
Mother of Garreth
"Karina made myself and my daughter feel very comfortable when we spoke/met for the first time. My daughter has been attending Karina with the last few months, she would have had very little self believe, worries about everything. We initially met Karina in her rooms but Covid 19 came along and zoom took over. I had my doubts about zoom but it has worked out wonderfully. My daughter's confidence and self esteem has grown, she really enjoys the sessions with Karina every week It's very hard to put into words the change in my daughter. We would highly recommend Karina."
Mother of Lorna
"Karina is a fantastic coach, my son really came on leaps and bounds in both confidence and his anxiety issues through her intervention. Karina is so easy to talk to and my son who is normally quiet reserved had no issues opening up. Thank you Karina for all your kind help."