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You have a teen at home that needs a bit of a Confidence Boost?

This masterclass goes point by point through the different struggles your teen has and provides solutions you can simply apply at home. 

The strategies proposed are tools I’m using every day in my practice and have always provided great results.

Any teenager using one of the three strategies proposed will see their self-esteem increase drastically after only a few weeks. It will show in the choice and behaviour. This will improve the whole family dynamics.

As a result, they will:

  • Believe in themselves and be better at trying new things
  • Become more able to make and keep friends
  • Face challenges head-on especially when it comes to school
Karina Taoughlist

Meet Karina

Karina Taoughlist is the founder and owner of KT Confidence Coaching. She is an accredited life coach specialised in confidence building for teenagers.

She holds a diploma in Life and Executive Coaching as well as a QQI Level 6 in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics. She has more than 15 years experience working with teenagers.

Most of us can easily remember how challenging a time teenagehood was. We could have done with a little help from a coach. This is what Karina Taoughlist is offering. A warm and judgement-free environment for your teen to get the support they need.

Receiving coaching from Karina will help them increase their confidence and resilience at home and in school. She teaches them coping mechanisms to deal with stress and anxiety and  improve their organisation and motivation.  This, in turn,  benefits the whole family dynamics.

Do you want to learn more how she can help your teen grow stronger and more resilient? 

Services Available

This pack includes:

  • My eBook “7 Strategies to Help Your Teen Build Resilience“,
  • A workbook with exercises your teen can practise at home
  • My best confidence flashcards to remind you how it works.

Your Complete Path to Confidence and Success (for teens)

  • 8 Modules made of bite-size short videos (5 to 10 minutes)
  • Workbooks to practice for each lesson
  • Chat available at the end of each lesson
  • Amazing bonuses such as an exam prep calendar, guided meditations and more

Personal confidence coaching for teenagers.

  • 12 weekly coaching sessions covering a full confidence-building program
  • A shared Google Drive to keep track of your progress and never lose any tools
  • Unlimited Whatsapp support in between sessions both for the parents and the teenager

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